Therapy Swiss Ball Exercise Program

Timberhill Physical Therapy | Therapy Swiss Ball Exercise Program

The Physical therapists at Timberhill Physical Therapy have all been specifically trained in the use and instruction in the therapy ball for exercise and rehabilitation. We have used the therapy ball since 1996 as part of our treatment plans.

Benefits from performing therapy Swiss ball exercises include:

  • Increase Flexibility
  • Increase Strength
  • Improves Balance and Equilibrium Reactions
  • Focus on Strengthening Core Musculature
  • Improved Posture

Therapy Swiss ball exercise rehabilitation programs are customized for each patient. Exercise programs on the therapy Swiss ball can be very gentle or strenuous enough to challenge the advanced athlete. The patient is taught the exercises one on one by a physical therapist and sent home with detailed instructions so that patients can continue successfully at home. We have therapy balls in stock and always available for purchase.

Available to the Public

Timberhill Physical Therapy also teaches a variety of therapy Swiss ball exercise classes that are open to the public. These are one session classes that last one hour and are taught by physical therapists – Mike Joki and Kathy Moen. The focus of these classes is to teach individuals an independent therapy ball program that each person can continue at home.

Please call us if you are interested:
(541) 752-0083

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