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Do you have chronic low back pain? Does your job require lifting? Do you sit most of the time at work?

The Lumbar Extension Machine provides functional testing and spinal therapy. There is a unique system of pelvic stabilization which isolates the deep muscles of the lumbar spine. Weakness in these muscles can be responsible for chronic disability and persistent or recurring pain.

History of MedX

Arthur Jones was the developer of all Nautilus exercise equipment. When he evaluated the back extension machine, he found it did not do an adequate job of strengthening the back muscles. In 1972 he began what was to be fourteen years of research and development. His goal was to design the first meaningful tools for testing human functional ability, strength, muscular endurance, and ranges of motion. In 1986 he founded the MedX Corporation. The lumbar extension machine was perfected and proven by independent research teams at the School of Medicine of the University of Florida.

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Standardization makes MedX testing accurate and reproducible

“For exercise to be definable, it must be performed in a measurable manner with a specific, treatment response in mind. The specific treatment response can only be identified if accurate quantification of pretreatment strength is defined.” – Vert Mooney, M.D., Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, University of California School of Medicine, San Diego.

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Who can benefit?

  • Most people with chronic low back pain
  • Those whose job requires repeated lifting: mill workers, delivery people…
  • Those whose job demands occasional heavy lifting: fireman, police, military, health care workers…
  • Athletes: Football, basketball, soccer, wrestling…
  • Most people whose lower back has become deconditioned by sedentary routine: computer occupations, driving, telephone work…

Testing and Treatment Program

The eight week program includes an initial strength and range of motion measurement session (45 minutes), eight dynamic exercise sessions (15 minutes each), a mid-program measurement session, eight more dynamic exercise sessions, and a final strength and range of motion evaluation. Measurements are referenced to norms for gender, age, and weight established in research at the University of Florida.

Contact us for fees. Health insurance may pay for all, part, or none of these costs, depending on the insurer and the specific insurance plan.

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