Aquatic Physical Therapy Program

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Benefits of Aquatic Physical Therapy:

  • Reduced Exercise Stress on Joints
  • Decrease in Pain
  • Accelerated Progress with Rehabilitation
  • Increased Circulation
  • Improvement in Strength
  • Improvement in Range of Motion
  • Gentle Resistive Exercise
  • Strengthening of Core Musculature

Timberhill Physical Therapy offers a unique opportunity for patients with its aquatic exercise program. Patients at Timberhill PT have access to Timberhill Athletic Club pools on the days of their treatments. Patients are instructed in individualized aquatic exercise programs. Timberhill PT has a well established lumbar stabilization program that our therapists instruct patients in as well.

Timberhill Athletic club has 3 pools at its facility. One pool is designated as a therapy pool. It is 4 feet deep throughout and kept at a very comfortable 88 degrees. We use this pool primarily for water walking, range of motion exercises, and strengthening. We incorporate specific swimming strokes if appropriate. The second pool is a larger lap pool that can be used for either shallow or deep water exercise. The deep water is excellent in helping runners maintain a fitness routine and rehabilitate after injuries. Patients also have access to full locker room facilities, sauna, steam room and two hot tubs.

Excellent for:

  • Injured Athletes
  • Post-surgery Rehab

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