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What makes TPT unique?

Our location adjacent to Timberhill Athletic Club allows us to function in an atmosphere of health, making use of all the club"s facilities in treating patients. This includes three pools which we routinely use for aquatic therapy. It also includes over 6000 square feet of exercise equipment for strengthening and aerobic activity. Our patients do not need to be members of the club to have access to the facility at the time of treatment. If they decide to expand their usage, the club offers a therapy membership. One of our goals is to promote a healthy lifestyle for patients to help prevent future problems.

All of our treatments are given by qualified physical therapists in a one-on-one setting, in private treatment rooms. We have private treatment rooms. The philosophy behind this is that thorough treatment takes time. We attempt to keep continuity with one therapist. However, we are able to consult with each other, offer additional insight in complicated problems, and assure communication by thorough chart notes. We expect improvement. Patients should be showing at least a 50% improvement within four visits.

We have one piece of specialized testing and exercise equipment, the MedX lumbar extension machine. Portland is the nearest location to offer this same equipment.

MedX Lumbar Extension Machines

Timberhill Physical Therapy has the only MedX Lumbar Extension Machine in the Willamette Valley. This machine measures the strength of low back extensors and compares this to established norms. If there is weakness, the machine allows a person to exercise to increase strength. It has been developed through the years of extensive research and testing. This has shown a very strong correlation between increase in strength and decrease in back pain.

Most people with chronic low back pain can benefit from the eight week program. A person whose job requires heavy lifting could benefit from testing and preventive strengthening. Many sports, such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer and wrestling, put a lot of demands on the low back. Athletes in these sports could benefit from a strengthening program.

More information on the MedX Lumbar Machine

Your health insurance may pay for all, part, or none of these costs, depending on your insurer and specific insurance plan. Participants who wish to have their insurance billed rather than paying directly should check on their coverage in advance.

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